Federal and State Lobbying


Our lobby team is considered one of the best in the nation.

Lobbyists must be adept at the art of persuasion, which is the mainstay of our political management team. They develop campaigns to persuade legislators to vote favorably. This means tailoring appeals to specific individuals as well as to group voting blocs. Lobbyists also occasionally lobby one another. Empowerment Enterprise Ltd.’s team of lobbyists are adept at helping normally opposing groups discover common areas of interest in order to present a united front and gain effective results for clients.

Direct lobbying is the art of meeting with elected officials and providing them with information pertinent to bills. A lobbyist imparts information with graphs, charts, polls, and reports that the team researches and prepares. Occasionally, we help elected officials draft win-win legislation. Building rapport and maintaining positive relations with reliable politicians is our key to effective lobbying.

Additionally, while lobbyists and their clients are prohibited from making large campaign donations, we can, and do, raise money for reelection campaigns. To be successful, a lobbyist must be well informed, persuasive and self-confident.

Indirect lobbying, sometimes referred to as grassroots organizing, enlists the aid of citizens to become involved and influence politicians through writing, calling, or demonstrating on behalf of a cause or campaign. Our lobbyists report to politicians the concerns and reactions they receive from community members. Additionally, we conduct indirect lobbying through the media via articles, op-eds, news and talk show appearances, to generate interest in and awareness of causes and campaigns.

Our lobby team works with legislators, aides, and the people to ensure an effectively packaged communication of your message.