Political Management

Experienced Legislative and Political Management

Success on the Hill and in statehouses depends upon the skill of the professionals in the legislative arena. Expert knowledge of Congressional processes and procedures, legislative outcomes, and the interconnected roles of the executive branch, lobbyists, and constituents get results. Professional Political Management is the route to those results.

For more than 25 years, the combined experience of our lobby team has helped launch and propel careers in statehouses, on the Hill, in the advocacy arena, and in government relations. We enjoy immense support and success for our legislative testimony, campaign management and ‘cross the aisle’ winning strategies.

Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. is one of few firms in the U.S. exclusively devoted to the study of applied politics in the legislative arena. We offer our clients unique perspectives and access to both political scholars and working professionals in the field.

We cover political process and policy
analysis in variety of areas, including:

  • Political leaders and parties
  • Congressional and legislative committees
  • Campaigns and elections
  • Interest groups
  • Public opinion
  • Media and public affairs
  • National security and foreign affairs
  • Energy and environmental policy
  • Presidential relations

Our Political Management
& Legislative services:

  • Strategic Planning & Development
  • Federal and State Lobbying
  • Legislative Tracking, Testimony, and Analysis
  • Campaign Management
  • PAC Development
  • Speech Writing
  • Opposition Research
  • Political Ads and PSAs
  • Polling, Surveys, and Focus Groups

Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd Political Management