Macy John
Social Marketing and Nonprofit Communications Director

Macy John Social Marketing and Nonprofit Communications DirectorMacy John is a trusted marketing professional for regional, national and international markets. Her eight plus years of training combine traditional marketing with integrative approaches such as blogs, email campaigns, SMS messaging, video marketing, and SEO optimization.

As chairperson of the Communications Committee for the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF), Macy has established branding for the party, building a communications structure that raises awareness of the party’s message to Florida citizens. Her vision has increased LPF membership and nonpartisan voter registration by 1000%. In 2013, her LPF Blog was listed as one of St. Petersburg’s Top Political Tweets in Florida. As a content creator for the National Libertarian Party, Macy has helped the party create unique content that has reached millions of social media users.

Macy markets across various industries from political organizations, political candidates, nonprofit organizations, cancer research, and nightclubs to software products through her brainchild, iGenuis. Her experience using integrated techniques has increased both client sales and customers, whether she’s establishing a plan for advocating, promoting awareness or promoting local businesses through e-commerce.

“Static information is a thing of the past,” she explains. If you are not blogging, tweeting and updating your website almost daily, you are losing views. If you are not using more than one means to target your audience with information, you will not be found in a market where content and keywords are the keys to getting you found!”

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