Strategic Planning


Most organizations assess, set goals and strategically plan media for the coming year. Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. helps you set objectives and formulate a clear, defined plan to help your business, nonprofit or campaign achieve optimum results in the media and with the public. As with most initiatives, MSPR planning requires flexibility and recognizing that your message will gain greater awareness over time.

We analyze mainstream, social media and public relations activity, discussing angles and pitches that resonate with people, resulting in positive coverage. Additionally, we note journalists who positively convey your message. Alternatively, we also examine those writers who miss your message, comparing your media progress against your competitors.

As a team, we consider your overall objectives, and use these as a basis for developing key media messages. We position your team and brand so that your message reflects your ideology and aspirations. Your mission statement and vision will form the backbone of your communication activity.