Film, Photography, PSAs, Campaign Ads, and Documentaries

Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. creates start-to-finish campaign advertising, documentaries, and public service announcements. We produce award-winning and creative films that appeal to target and wide audiences.

The campaign ad process begins with public persona development, infusing your company’s values and commitments. We then construct potential concepts to reach audiences and vet each suggestion using a collective team. This includes possible media outlets and unique ways we can integrate with other marketing efforts. We then choose a creative concept and production based on a media plan.

The Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. team has produced campaigns for print, radio, and television, as well as mail, web, mobile, social, search engine optimization (SEO), and non-traditional markets.

“The Power of Giving” Documentary by Eric Anderson, Director of Asbury Communications

The Power of Giving” video is a project developed for the Asbury Foundation by Eric Anderson, Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. Team member and Director of Asbury Communications. It supports a a three-pronged approach to raise awareness of the Foundation’s work and to elevate giving levels. The video targets residents and associates of Inverness Village in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offering viewers insight into how two neighbors, Bill Harlan and Afton Travis, give back to the community. This short clip was also shown to a collective gathering of Asbury executive and Board leadership at Inverness Village in June, 2013, with the intention of creating emotional appeal to increase financial support. Sharing this video throughout the Asbury system, as a communications tool and giving appeal shares insight into Asbury residents for those seeking a new community or reaffirming their choice.

The Asbury Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that secures philanthropic support to enhance the quality of life for seniors served by the Asbury system of continuing care retirement communities.

“A Fishy Tale”

A Fishy Tale: Tracie Donahue follows an impassioned advocate on her quest to make our oceans and our seafood safer:

“Secrets to Love: The Pursuit of Love, Life & Happiness” Trailer

Secrets to Love: The Pursuit of Love, Life & Happiness. Follow Tracie Donahue, award winning producer and Empowerment Enterprises Ltd. film director, on her odyssey to discover what makes love last: