DIY Social Media

Macy John Social Marketing and Nonprofit Communications Director

By Macy John, Social Media Director, Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd.

Non-Profit Communications – DIY Social Media

Social media does little good to promote your business if you rarely use it or use it incorrectly.

However, Social media, done well, is highly influential in how your organization is perceived. It’s a “derigueur” for companies, and if you fail to properly “engage,” your competitor will likely beat you to increased business.

Social Media is about using Facebook or Twitter, the most popular forms, yet using other Social networks such as Linked In, Meetup, Reddit, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or blogs, in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter, allows you to expand your audience through a variety of channels. Additionally, knowing how to use social media determines the size of your followers, interaction and overall popularity.

A few tips for Social Media DIY:

1. Advertise lightly: People engage with social media to be social not to get bombarded with promotions. For example, if your company sells purses, you may choose to post a pretty handbag offer, “Now on sale till Saturday, 20% off!” Instead, try: “This goes well with my cocktail dress, think it’s worth $75?” Asking questions promotes discussion, and those offering feedback will take your original post to their timeline, for new friends to see. This is called “virality” and it is a specific strategy DIY’s employ for finding fresh markets.

2. Converse. Social Media is integrated two-way communication. Relate to your audience in an authentic way by entertaining, informing, educating or enlightening people about your company mission.

3. Separate Your Personal and Professional Profiles. Many small business owners make the mistake of using personal profiles for business. Personal profiles are limited to 5,000 friends. If your brand is growing, why limit the potential? Additionally, Facebook offers “insights” for creating better business pages. The insights give you follower demographics such as age, location and post engagement, as well as tracking likes and “unlikes”.

4. Encourage enthusiastic employees and clients to promote your business on social media. Help passionate employees or satisfied clients with images and ideas but you should not depend upon them to completely drive your social media.

5. Advertise. Know the difference between (pay Per Click) PPC and (Pay Per Impressions) CPM to create ads using both, which will promote your brand, events or products.

6. Be responsive to negative comments. You can’t please everyone. Be sincere and responsive when people aren’t singing your praises to show others you are interested in helping to find solutions.

7. Be consistent. Refrain from bombarding followers with multiple daily postings. Spread out posts to give users time to engage with your information. However, do not go long periods of time without posting.

8. Ensure your team knows which social media outlets your company is using. Add all of your social media outlets to the homepage of your website even promoting it on your advertising. This shows customers where they can find you.

Ultimately, Social Media is here to stay. It will expand and evolve as a replacement for static content on the Internet. Why wait? To begin your social media makeover, contact us for a free online media evaluation.

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