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(Washington DC)--A Wisconsin gun shop owner opens an account at his local credit union in Madison, Wis., only to close it one week later, due to what he claims is government overreach with “Operation Choke Point”. Mike Schuetz, owner of Hawkins Guns LLC in Hawkins, Wis., asked the branch manager to explain why he had to close his account. She answered that the credit union was pressured by federal regulators.  Scheutz recorded the exchange, growing convinced he is another victim of Operation ... Read more

This is the Story of MVP STRONG by Angelina Spencer

  A few years ago, there was a rainstorm on my way to the 5th Ave. Coffee Company in Naples, FL—just enough of a downpour to make the final mile of my journey mildly irritating. As I pulled into a premium parking space, the weather cleared, offering a hint of cool October breezes mixed with wisps of warm sun rays. I met Roger and Lamar, and the three of us sat down for early morning coffee as we’ve done nearly every weekday ... Read more

VA Lies Are Killing Me: Dying Lt. Colonel: “I witnessed Destruction of Troop Records and Have Memos”

By Marilyn McAllister Lt. Colonel Marilyn McAllister (Ret.) is dying. If you or one of your loved ones is serving our country in the military, ask yourself: Would you be all right if this happened to your son, daughter or grandchild? Would it be okay if it happened to you? In this blog, she shares her open letters to Americans, specifically our elected officials, regarding troop record destruction by the VA, on orders from the DOD. "I will write till I die. Maybe someone will ... Read more

The Frugal Habits of Millionares – Financial Advice

Thomas J Cooper, CFP is practicing Certified Financial Planner, helping individuals and business with financial strategies, so they may pursue their dreams. The word "millionaire" typically conjures up images of a lavish, jet-setting lifestyle, but behind the scenes, that may not always be the case. Like Warren Buffett, who famously still lives in the relatively modest house in Omaha, Nebraska, that he bought in 1958 for $31,500, many millionaires (and billionaires) live a modest, if not downright frugal lifestyle--a lifestyle that may ... Read more

Accountability in Business: Are You an Imposter?

  By Angelina Spencer Accountability In Business Who is your favorite person to work with in business? Why? I'm sure you can quickly come up with a myriad of acceptable answers, but its highly likely that this favorite colleague follows through with what he or she promises to do, and does it well, making you look good in the process too, and sharing the credit. Alternatively, have you ever done business with a person who told you everything you've ever wanted to hear, only to have ... Read more

DIY Social Media

By Macy John, Social Media Director, Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. Non-Profit Communications - DIY Social Media Social media does little good to promote your business if you rarely use it or use it incorrectly. However, Social media, done well, is highly influential in how your organization is perceived. It's a "derigueur" for companies, and if you fail to properly "engage," your competitor will likely beat you to increased business. Social Media is about using Facebook or Twitter, the most popular forms, yet using other Social networks ... Read more

6 Steps to Smash Hit Your CSR Strategy

By Bill Madway Incorporating A CSR Strategy Pop quiz: What company operates the most successful charity checkout program? McDonald's? Walmart? Well, they're near the top, but the number one spot goes to a company you've all heard of , though it has no bricks-and-mortar locations... eBay. Through its Giving Works program, eBay generated $54 million in donations from customers in 2012. (The rankings are from a report prepared by Cause Marketing Forum.) Giving Works enables eBay buyers and sellers to donate a portion of their ... Read more