Client Praise

Detail-Oriented Leader

"Empowerment Enterprises is a detail-oriented company. They watch balance sheets like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective. It's been my pleasure to work with the firm in a professional capacity, which exceeds my previous experiences with others in their field and expertise." James Hemingway, Jr. Director of Business Development, American Ascent Resources Read more

Valuable Assets In Our Efforts To Develop Legislative Strategies

"Ms. Spencer and her firm have proven to be valuable assets in our efforts to develop legislative strategies. Her insight and highly-detailed monitoring of relevant state and federal legislation at every stage has given our organization a necessary view to help accomplish our long-term goals." Joe Brennan, Jr. Industrial Strength, LLC Read more

Impassioned, Tireless Advocate

"Ms. Spencer is an impassioned and tireless advocate. She is an outstanding strategist who possesses great conviction to successfully accomplish any mission she undertakes. Her strong ethics and high integrity are readily recognized by anyone privileged enough to work with her. I highly recommend Angelina and her team at Empowerment Enterprises." Denny Larr Principal, Larr Policy Consulting LLC Read more

Organized, Committed, and Capable

"As soon as I met Angelina more than ten years ago, I knew she was a very special woman. Her drive, her intelligence, her charm and personal style were distinctive and enormously attractive. Having worked with her on many different projects and having faced numerous challenges together, I recommend her without reserve. She is organized, committed and capable." Kat Sunlove Freelance Writer, Political & Marketing Consultant, Grassroots Organizer, Event Planner Read more

Demonstrates Incredible Adaptability

"As the senior partner for Ericks Consultants, I have worked with Empowerment Enterprises on numerous political projects from lobbying to campaign fundraising. They take initiative, demonstrate an incredible adaptability to sometimes heated legislative discussions and possess strong dedication to their clients. Ms. Spencer has risen quickly and I cannot help but notice how successful she is in her position as president of Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. Our firm quickly offered Empowerment Enterprises ¬†opportunities to work with us on joint ventures and can ... Read more

Strategic Planning – Results, Innovation, Integrity, Efficiency, and Effective Communication

Strategic Planning Results, innovation, integrity, efficiency, and effective communication are a few qualities that describe the firm of Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. As a member of the Lumbee Tribal Council, the ninth largest tribe in the nation, I have been impressed by Ms. Spencer and her colleagues. The firm has been invaluable in our quest to preserve the culture of our community and to implement strategic planning for our programs, services, and political education. David Baucom Lumbee Tribal Council Read more

Client Praise

I have worked with Angelina for more than a decade, first as her employer, then as her first client when she opened Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. in 2008. She and her team are passionate advocates, strong leaders and innovative thinkers. This firm has put together one of the finest teams of integrative, critical-minded and strategic planners of our time. As a law enforcement officer, I value the follow-through and attention to detail Angelina and her team brings to the table, which gives ... Read more

Marketing for Business with Invaluable Talent & Refocus

Empowerment Enterprises, Ltd. provides marketing for business. As a business owner, I am pulled in a hundred different directions. Empowerment Enterprises thorough process of finding out why we do what we do and what we are trying to accomplish, provides our business an invaluable refocus that is critical when it comes to the success of any marketing campaign. John Jacquat CEO, Pure Risk Solutions Read more