Welcome to Empowerment Enterprises, Inc.

Empowerment Enterprises, Inc. is a Washington, D.C. based strategic intelligence firm established by B.A. Crisp (GWU) in 2008.

Our mission is to help clients with strategic policies, programs, or initiatives in areas of national health, safety, and welfare.

Empowerment Enterprises helps clients gain ground in the fields of research and strategy and strives for credible and lasting alliances with a myriad of organizations, in an effort to forward freedom and prosperity for all.

As a firm comprised of creativity and intellect, Empowerment Enterprises, Inc. partners with entities to promote solutions and services to target audiences. Our specialty is evaluating the impact and public impression of your cause or campaign using data analytics, research, strategic intelligence and social psychology.

Tap into our expertise. You’ll be pleased with our commitment and great work. In an ever-changing professional environment, Empowerment Enterprises, Inc. will help you raise results.