Mission Empowerment: Welcome to Empowerment Enterprises, Inc.

Angelina Spencer | President & FounderĀ 

Mission Empowerment: Empowerment Enterprises, Inc. is a Washington, D.C. based government relations and advocacy firm established by Angelina Spencer, MPS in 2008.

Our mission is to help clients who believe government relations should be honest, affordable and best served with integrity.

The idea of creating a dedicated co-op of professionals doing innovative work, where their talents make a difference in the lives of others, shines as one of D.C.’s best.

Empowerment Enterprises helps clients gain ground in the fields of government, military, law enforcement, public policy, business and charity. Our team strives for credible and lasting alliances with a myriad of organizations, in an effort to forward freedom and prosperity.

As a firm comprised of creativity, Empowerment Enterprises, Inc. partners with entities and worthy causes to promote solutions and services to target audiences. Consequently, our team builds campaigns that forge meaningful connections between clients and their shareholders. Our specialty is evaluating the impact and public impression of your cause or campaign using data analytics, research and social psychology. This provides a framework to build language and communication, which fosters positive branding and results.

Tap into our expertise. You’ll be pleased with our commitment and great work. In an ever-changing professional environment, Empowerment Enterprises, Inc. will help you raise results.